Cannondale Bikes Sale, Or As Close As You Can Get

Cannondale Bikes Sale

It ‘s always fun to try to find accurate information on the Cannondale, and even to find a Cannondale Bikes Sale, as these bikes are pricey, sought-after, and difficult to find on sale, so when you find a bargain online, grab it with both hands.

Here are a few great deals that I found online. If looking for a Cannondale Bikes Sale, Amazon has some of the best deals around. If you take a look at any of the two bikes below and click on them to find out more information, there are other great deals available too that you may want to look at. There is also the option of buying a second-hand bicycle through Amazon. At least you know you can get a guarantee if you buy through this reputable online reseller.

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 29er Complete READY RIDE Hardtail Mountain Bike, 18″/Medium Black

Maybe you’re new to this whole mountain biking thing, or maybe you just want to take a stab at trail riding. This Diamondback bicycle has 29-inch wheels which are large enough to roll over those big holes with ease.

The 6061-T6 aluminum alloy is a trusted frame material, and the custom formed and butted tubes create a structure that is uniquely strong and lightweight. The machined head tube lets you steer with precision and the forged rear dropouts with a replaceable derailleur hanger mean you don’t have to worry about something breaking.

Tektro Disc Brakes and plenty of traction for climbs.

All that’s left to you is to get out and ride.

Cannondale Synapse 5 105 Bike

This bicycle is built for enjoying the miles, whichever way you choose.

Here are some Cannondale facts for you……..

Fact Number 1:

Cannondale bicycles have such a good reputation that they are considered vehicles and they have the same rights of way on the highway.

On roads where the speed limit exceeds 50 mph, bicycles must use the shoulder, except where prohibited. Bicycles are very sensitive to irregular road surfaces and the air pressure from vehicles passing to closely. Truck and buses, in particular, can push a cyclist over when passing by because of the air pressure at such high speeds. Always leave plenty of room when passing a bicycle, especially when traveling at a high speed.

Fact Number 2:

Mountain bikes are much more reliable and durable than any other version of bicycle. They provide comfort for the user with its full suspension system and grip better with thicker and wider tires, which never leaves the rider slipping even on slippery tracks. The frames are made of alloys that are stronger and much lighter in weight than the conventional bicycle frames.

Fact Number 3:

You should have a bicycle rack on your car because cycling is not always in areas that are easily accessible by bicycle. Bringing your bike on your vehicle is a great way to spread your cycling escapades. This makes it very easy to find pedestrian streets, awesome trails or take your bicycle with you on vacation.

Fact Number 4:

Trek bicycles and Cannondale Bicycles are close competitors and they have bikes that compete with each other at every level. If you visit the PedalMonkeys site, you can get a side by side comparison of the two brands.

Fact Number 5:

Penny Troutner, the owner of Light Street Cycles in Baltimore, believes Cannondale has more progressive designs than Trek and puts more effort into research and development. She points to Cannondale’s long history with aluminum frames, as well as the curved chainstays on the Cannondale 6 and the Synapse, which absorb more of road shock.

Cannondale offers a left fork that sits sideways to the front wheel on its high-end mountain bikes such as the Scalpel, RZ and Jekyll, for added lightness and stiffness. Cannondale also provides strong offerings for women, especially women’s hybrids, Troutner says. “Women who say they can’t find a hybrid to fit me can usually find a Cannondale.”

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