The Rise Of Electric Recumbent Trikes

electric recumbent trikes

Most electric recumbent bikes are actually electric recumbent trikes, unless they are the stationery sort.

The popularity of the electric recumbent trike has exploded in the 21st century, and this is more than likely due to the rapidly aging population in the more developed countries.

These bikes have a lot of advantages in comparison to normal road bikes, because not only adding electric power to them, but also comfort for people who are too sore or too old to ride traditional bikes, is very appealing. The electric recumbent trike has made it possible for anybody no matter what age to stay fit and healthy.

These types of bikes work especially well for autistic and special needs’ adults who have problems with balance. It can also be used as an especially effective special needs’ tricycle for adults with autism, aspergers syndrome, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, or mental challenges.

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electric recumbent trikes

What Are Electric Recumbent Trikes?

These types of bikes are called electric recumbent trikes because of their three wheel-configuration. While you will find some dual-wheel recumbent bikes on the market, they’re fairly difficult to find and more of a niche product as they are quite difficult to ride. When riding on the trike you don’t even have to think about your balance.

Electric recumbent trikes allow the rider to sit in a comfortable, laid-back position, which is a lot more comfortable than sitting on an upright bike. Most seats are a lot larger than your standard saddle and are also adjustable according to the rider’s height and size.

Most of these trikes have a tadpole trike configuration meaning that they have two wheels at the front and one at the back. However, some electric recumbent trikes are set up in the opposite way with two wheels in the back and one in the front. This type of setup is called a delta trike configuration.

With the tadpole trike configuration, most of the cranks and gears along with the pedals are mounted at the front of the bike and you would find the electric battery mounted somewhere in the back to provide weight balance.

The seat material varies quite widely, from plush leather seats with dampening suspension to simple suspended canvas on the lower-end models, and almost everything in between.

These bikes are quite expensive and you could pay anywhere from $2000 and up for a good model.

If you want to try something a little cheaper, this cute contraption is a great way to convert your hover board into an electric recumbent trike.

It’s a go cart attachment to turn your hover board into a trike, giving you a whole new riding experience.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning A Recumbent Electric Trike?

A Great Riding Experience

Riding an electric recumbent trike is almost like sitting in a low sport car model with instant torque power. You have a feeling of a more direct and exciting connection with the road and it is silent too.

Great For Injuries And Older Bodies

Electric recumbent trikes have the unique ability to be easier on older or injured rider’s due to their combination of a laid-back sitting position and the electric drivetrain powering them.

So you can take full advantage of hitting the open road even if you have joint, lower back, hip or even shoulder issues.

Increased Cycling Comfort

The first advantage is that you don’t need to think about having to balance, and the seats are normally large and super comfortable, with great support for your back.

Increased Speed And Range

Electric Recumbent Trikes normally have a larger capacity battery meaning longer range and, in many cases, higher top-end speeds. This advantage opens up an entire world of opportunity and capability as far as where you’ll take your recumbent bike. Because the bike is low on the ground, the aerodynamics is increased and thus the speed too.

Can Be Used On or Off Road

Most manufactures of electric recumbent trikes now offer multiple options for on or off-road wheels and tires. And with plenty of torque to boot, you’ll be able to easily take your bike on your favorite trails or even up a hill or two. So when making your purchasing decision, don’t be afraid to get an all-terrain fat tire electric recumbent bike.

Great For Longer Trips

While the ranges vary, depending on the model, some of them can get in over 50 miles on a single charge. They normally also have additional storage available, so it is easy to throw in an extra pattern and swap them out if you need to go further.

You Can Take Your Luggage

Because electric recumbent trikes have a low center of gravity as well as extra torque and battery power, this makes them a fantastic option for hauling a cargo or kids trailer of significant size and weight behind it. This makes long road trips an absolute breeze.

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