Best Bike Repair Stand

best bike repair stand

If you are looking for the best bike repair stand, or if you are not quite sure if you need one or not, then perhaps this article can enlighten you. This post may contain affiliate links. Cycling is generally not an expensive hobby. You have your bike, clothing, helmets, sports bottle, bike repair tools, and … Read more

Get On Your Bike – Bicycle Buying Guide

If you are having difficulty choosing your new bike, here is a bicycle buying guide for you to go through. Here’s to making the right choice. Walking into that bike shop for the first time can be pretty overwhelming, so it is a good idea to have a list of what you need your bicycle … Read more

Puncture Proof Bicycle Tires

puncture proof bicycle tires

What a joy nowadays to have puncture proof bicycle tires available to us. I remember growing up on the farm and loving to use my bicycle all over the place, but getting a puncture was the worst, especially when it meant pushing your bicycle home and hoping someone would have the time to help you … Read more

Best Bicycle Chains And Why You Need Them

best bicycle chains

The bicycle chain, believe it or not, is one of the most important parts of a bike, but most of the time bicycle chains are overlooked. When the bike chain is working properly, you don’t even realize it’s there – but when it’s not, it’s probably the only thing you think about. Here are some … Read more

Bike Gear Worthy Of The Tour De France

bike gear

The Tour de France is the pinnacle of professional road cycling, and, as such, it’s the prime place for team sponsors to unveil and highlight new bike gear products. Bike gear has long been influenced by what World Tour teams use, which created a longstanding top-down consumer model that allowed companies to implicitly tell cyclists … Read more

Bicycle Rims And Tires – You Can’t Move Without them

bicycle rims

Have you ever wondered how bicycle rims and tires came about, and how you can purchase them online? The History Of Bicycle Rims And Tires The first bicycle wheels were from a horse drawn cart was made of wood with a metal band around the bicycle rim. This made for a very hard and very uncomfortable … Read more

Best Sun Recumbent Bicycles and Sun Recumbent Bicycle Parts

sun recumbent bicycles

At the time of writing this post, Sun Recumbent Bicycles themselves were pretty scarce, so in the meantime have posted some Sun Recumbent Bicycles, parts and some alternatives to the Sun Recumbent Bicycle. Scroll down to the bottom for the latest updates on Sun Recumbent Bicycles and Sun Recumbent Bicycle Parts. Edge Wind Fairing for … Read more

Cheap Bicycle Parts

cheap bicycle parts

Buying a cheap bicycle or cheap bicycle parts is not always the answer, and you need to know your stuff and what to look for before doing so, or you could risk injury or even death.There’s a misinterpretation that selecting the right bike is simple.  What is a good bicycle you may ask? There’s a … Read more