Flywheel Exercise Bikes – Why A Flywheel?

flywheel exercise bikes

Why are flywheel exercise bikes so popular at the moment? The reason that I like them is that a heavy weight flywheel makes the bike ride a lot smoother, and the smoother the exercise bike feels when you use it, the more often you are going to climb on and actually ride it. So why […]

The Benefits Of A Spin Class

benefits of a spin class

Taking a spin class has amazing benefits, and some of them might just surprise you. Let’s look at the benefits of a spin class and what spinning can do for you. This post may contain affiliate links. What Is Spinning? Spinning is a type of aerobic exercise, done by cycling indoors on a stationary “spinning” […]

Indoor Cycling Trainer Workouts: Here’s Why You’re Not Getting Results


Riding a bike inside is one of the safest ways to get some exercise. Here are some indoor cycling trainer workouts, which may help you to see why you are not getting the results that you want. In fact , there is no special secret to this and almost everyone can peddle a bike. So why […]

Indoor Cycling Music Ideas

indoor cycling music

If you cycle indoors, then it is a great idea to have some music playing that you can cycle to. Here are some indoor cycling music ideas for you. Nothing makes a workout more enjoyable than some fun music playing in the background. When you go to an indoor cycling class, regularly referred to as […]

Stay Fit The Fun Way With Spinning Workout

spinning workout

Why A Spinning Workout? Because getting fit is vital for everyone, one way to get there is by doing a spinning workout. Spinning strengthens your lungs and heart, tones your muscles, especially those in the lower body and is a wonderful way to achieve slimmer legs. What Is A Spinning Workout? Spinning is also known […]

Indoor Cycling Training: The History Of Spinning

history of spinning

Have you ever wondered about how spinning classes came about? Here I have looked a little into the history of spinning for you. I am not talking about the history of spinning with yarn type of spinning here, I am talking about cycling classes. The History of Spinning While the popularity of spinning, or indoor cycling, […]