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Should I Buy An Electric Bicycle Or Not?

buy an electric bicycle

If you are wondering to yourself, ‘should I buy an electric bicycle,’ I hope to answer some of your questions in this article.

What Is An Electric Bicycle?

When I first heard the word ‘electric bicycle,’ I thought that maybe it was a scooter or a type of electric motorcycle, but boy was I wrong. Electric bicycles actually look a lot like regular bicycles, but they have several electrical components added like a motor, battery, and a controller. All these things are seamlessly integrated into the design of the bike and these components make up the fundamentals of all the electric bicycles on the market today.

Should I Buy An Electric Bicycle?

So that you can make an informed decision of whether or not an electric bicycle is for you, I have compiled a list of pros and cons to you to take into account. This list may be helpful to you as you navigate the world of electric bicycles in search of the perfect bike for you.

should I buy an electric bicycle

The Pros And Cons Of Owning An Electric Bicycle


Cheap Transportation

When you compare an electric bicycle to other modes of transportation, they are one of the cheapest ways to get around town. No petrol or gas, transit fares, special licenses or registration, and no parking costs.

Charging the battery is cheaper than buying fuel, as you only pay for the electricity used. The bikes are cheap to run and save bike owners money that can be used to do other things.

There is no emission of greenhouse gas and they reduce traffic jams on the roads.  Thus the use of these electric bicycles  reduces pollution of the environment and thus we can do our part in addressing global warming.

Health Benefits

A great way to introduce some physical activity into your daily routine and improve your overall health is to ride your bicycle out in the open air each day. You will still be getting some exercise, and you can control the amount of asistance that you get from the motor. So if you feel you need more exercise, you can pedal more and use the motor less.

The joy of having an electric bike is you can tailor the difficulty of the ride according to your fitness levels, so this is a great option for people who have asthma, heart problems or are generally unfit.

Riding An Electric Bike Keeps You Awake

The electric bicycle is great to ride to work in the morning as the wind drives away the sleep and makes you ready for the day. Riding your bike to work rather than driving your car also gives you more time in the fresh air.

Travel Further

Because you are getting assistance from the electric motor, you will be able to ride further than you would normally have. The amount of effort required to cover 20 miles on a conventional bike for example will allow e bike riders to go 40 miles with the same amount of effort.

Arrive At Work Sweat Free

One of the biggest drawbacks to using a bicycle for your daily commutes is showing up at your destination hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. By using an electric bike, however, you can complete the exact same distances while exerting only a portion of the physical effort.

Tackle Obstacles With Ease

Because electric bicycles have that extra boost of power, you can now zip up hills and plow through headwinds like a pro without getting burned out.

Ebikes Are Quiet

Unlike motorbikes, your ebike operates as silently as a mouse.

Great For Beginners

Electric bicycles are great for beginners, especially unfit beginners as they will take a lot of the pressure off of your legs. As you get stronger you can adjust your bike accordingly, or simply just enjoy the ride.


The Price

Electric bikes are expensive, so there is a significant upfront investment compared to buying a normal bicycle.

Although if you compare it to other modes of transport, then the price of the electric bike won’t seem that bad long term.

It’s Heavy

Electric bikes are noticeably heavier than conventional bicycles. But this only becomes a problem when you need to pick it up to transport it, or have to push it home because the battery has died.

You Get Wet

Yip it does rain from time to time, and if you came to work on your electric bicycle, then you may have to ride home in the rain. However a good ride in the rain can be quite invigorating.

Batteries Can Take A Long Time To Recharge

But hopefully this changes in the future, as technology is developing all the time.

Also, as the battery ages, the distance it covers reduces. Older batteries need regular recharging reducing the productivity and convenience enjoyed before.

Legal Status Is Confusing

Because electric bikes are pretty new still, there is some confusion when it comes to the way that they are viewed by the law. In general electric bikes with a maximum speed of 20 mph and morors rated at less than 750 watts are treated the same way that other bicycles are, which means that they can be ridden on bike paths and in bike lanes and don’t require any any special licensing or registration.

There are some places that have a different set of rules that may limit or change the way you are allowed to use your electric bike, and for this reason you need to check the rules in your specific city or state before you buy your electric bicycle.

Parts Can Be Expensive

Electric bicycles have more complex and specialized parts, and while most o them are standard bicycle components that are easy to replace and repair, there are also a handful of components that are unique to ebikes.

These parts can sometimes be harder to find and also be more expensive to repair.


Electric bikes, although far from perfect yet, can help riders of all ages, skills and physical abilities live more active lives.

Being aware of the challenges involved with buying and using an ebike, will make you a well-informed, and savvy consumer, ready to make the best decisions when it comes time to select and purchase an ebike of your own.

As you make this decision, keep in mind that while there are certainly disadvantages to owning and using an electric bike, it seems that many people have decided that the advantages of riding an ebike far outweigh any potential drawbacks.

Perhaps this is one reason why electric bicycles are fast becoming one of the most popular and widely used forms of transportation in the world today.

So do you think it is worth it to buy and electric bicycle?

13 thoughts on “Should I Buy An Electric Bicycle Or Not?”

  1. I’ve seen the ebikes before at a bike specialty store and the price was way out of my range. But then again were most of the ‘normal’ bikes so perhaps there are less expensive ones available? I was hoping you might give us an idea of price range or even places to purchase the ebikes. We just got rid of our old-fashioned pedal bikes, but for the right price, I might be willing to check out one of the ebikes. All the fun of biking without the exercise. A win-win in my book.

    1. I see the prices for online eBikes range from $499 to $1499 depending on how fancy you want to go. But you know how it goes, as these bikes get more popular, the prices will go down.

  2. Hi, Do you have a price range that electric bicycles might sell for? I’ve always wondered about electric bicycles and your article does a very good job at pointing out the pros and cons. I like the fact that they can travel farther and if the rider is tired the motor can help make the ride easier. I could have sure used something like that years ago! I would definitely investigate parts availability and repair services in my area before making a final decision on something like this. Thank you so much for the informative article! Mel

  3. I have been looking at electric bicycles for some time, as I do think they are a great disruptive leap from the old Schwinn that I grew up with so long ago as a kid. Now that I am in my mid-sixties, the allure of these has become attractive. Your article has helped me get some clarity as to the pros and cons for sure.

    The YouTubers who are using these electric bicycles that I see as I have a look at my timeline really convince me that these are ready for primetime, in spite of the valid cons that you mention. I do believe I am ready to take the plunge, as I really miss getting out there in the elements (as I say I am getting old!)…

    Do you have any particular models or power capabilities that you recommend? I would like to read about your take on the options out there since you have such a good grasp on the pros and cons of using an electric bicycle. This old man is ready to make a purchase! Thanks for putting this together, very useful to me! 

    1. Hi Dave,

      There are so many good ones out there, that I think the best thing to do is visit your local bike store and test ride them like you would a car. Buzz and Trek Bikes are another two great makes to have a look at that I haven’t mentioned in this article.

      As far as the best quality Bike, the Prodeco Phantom X3 is rated the best electric bike available at the moment. It’s equipped with a powerful motor supported by a battery that will take you on long rides. But it does come with a high price tag.

  4. Hi Michel,

    Thank you for sharing this helpful article.

    This post has inspired me to buy an electric bike for myself, but I am still a little indecisive because it rains pretty often where I live. My only concern is that I am afraid that the bike will rust or break after a short period. Does the electric bike has some protection against water?
    Looking forward to reading your answer

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Daniella,

      I would strongly suggest you keep your Ebike indoors when it is not in use, and if you do ride in the rain, make sure to dry it off well with a soft towel when you are done riding and rust won’t be a problem.

  5. I have this tendency to think that anything electric is better so I will usually stick to an electric bike. But I think I should start with a manual first as I have forgot how to ride a bike haha. It’s been so many years. Thank you for this lovely review. I had a blast reading it. 

  6. You know, I have never really learned how to ride a bike. Every time I tried learning, I would always fall off the bike haha. But I am thinking of learning again. Do you think that this bike is a good bike for beginners? I will be sure to wait for you response. 

    1. Hi Daniel, rather than spending all that money on an eBike, rather buy a cheap bike with some training wheels to practice on. If you find you enjoy it, then great splurge and get the eBike.

  7. I really enjoyed the topic and believe it to be a very important topic because I myself am starting to age.

    I’m also a bit overweight so I might just find a friend with an E-Bicycle because I believe the longer you peddle the more weight you’ll lose.

    Not only that, but they are a great way of getting around, and I am unfit, so when I get tired hopefully the motor will help me. I see the prices are best online, but I am going to test ride one in real life first before I make a purchase.

    Thank You,

    Bill Wright 


  8. Good to read the positive aspects of Electric Bikes as mostly people don’t seem to like them. In hills and in some areas where you need extra push they are really handy. I think too much high impact exercise on legs is not good. So cycling is perfect as there is less strain on the joints, and even less so it seems with the electric bicycle.

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