How To Be A Triathlete If You Are A Couch Potatoe

how to be a triathleteHow To Be A Triathlete

So you want to know how to be a triathlete? Have you considered triathlon training?

Triathlon is one of the fastest-growing sports on the planet and huge numbers are waking up to the realisation that swimming, cycling, and running, all at the same time, can actually be considered a fun method to spend a couple of hours on a weekend. However, if the sport associated with triathlon is something of a mystery for your requirements, keep reading for some couch to sprint triathlon training tips.

What is a Triathlon Anyhow?

Triathlon is based around swimming, cycling and running. Almost all sensible individuals are of the opinion that just one of those sports is probably enough for just about any sane individual to aim for, in triathlon, you do all three sports, one following the other… without any break in-between!

Do I have to be great at each one before coming into a triathlon?how to be a triathlete

Simply no, there is no need to be great at any one sport. Many sprint triathlons are suitable for beginners, so if you can swim at least 400m, routine 20k, and run 5k, you will be able to make it around the course without too much trouble.

Lots of people arrive at triathlon from a minimum of one of the sports. As an example, runners decide to add cycling into their training so that you can lessen running connected injuries and cyclists take up running for a new obstacle as each sport compliments the other one perfectly.

Swimmers are less likely to cross into cycling and running, but fitness does count so that they have a head start off over somebody who is totally inactive.

But What If I am A Couch Potatoe?

If physical fitness is definitely an alien concept to you, or you are very overweight, it really is probably best if you have a check-up at the doctors before starting a triathlon training program. But with the right training, there is no reason you won’t manage to start and finish a sprint distance triathlon. You could finish last, but there is no shame in that, as at least you achieved something that most people wouldn’t even dream of trying to do. How to be a triathlete is more about the power of the mind and

You could finish last, but there is no shame in that, as at least you achieved something that most people wouldn’t even dream of trying to do. How to be a triathlete is more about the power of the mind and self-discipline. You can do anything you want to in life as long as the will is there.

Couch to sprint triathlon training tips:

how to be a triathleteTraining for a triathlon will need discipline. You need to push yourself to ultimately train for at least five or even six days per week over at the least twelve weeks.

Ideally you ought to execute a training session in each and every sport, twice per week, but if you’re pushed for time as a result of work and family commitments, it’s acceptable to decrease to at least one session weekly in your strongest sports activity.

Swimming may be the most technical of the three disciplines, but as long as you can swim the length of the pool, it won’t matter a lot how efficient you might be for your first triathlon. Don’t be concerned with what type of swimming stroke you need to do. Do what you feel comfortable with.

Make sure you have a decent bicycle for the cycling stint of the triathlon, and make sure you are comfortable riding and controlling it. Devote enough cycling time ahead of the event so that you know you can cycle the length fairly effortlessly. Ideally, exercise running straight off the bike once or twice as well, to make certain you are accustomed to the feeling of jello legs.

As long as you can easily run 5k it is possible to control this section on the day of your triathlon. You will end up slower right after cycling 20k, but that is to be expected.

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There is no great mystery in how to be a triathlete and to competing in a triathlon. Put in some training, and then enjoy participating. I can’t guarantee that it will be easy, but you will feel an enormous sense of pride as soon as you cross that finish line and can finally call yourself a triathlon athlete!

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