How To Preserve Your Bike

Let’s look at how to preserve your bicycle because like all mechanical devices, your bike is exposed to wear and tear caused by regular use and exposure to the elements. This post does contain affiliate links. Routine preventative maintenance will keep your bicycle in top condition and safe to ride all the time. Though some … Read more

Exercise Bike Choices For Online Purchase

exercise bike

If you are looking at buying an exercise bike, you will first of all need to decide what type of exercise bike you will need and what will suit your purposes and your pocket the best. First, you need to decide whether you want a recumbent exercise bike or an upright exercise bike. If you … Read more

Best Cycle Gear For A Safer Ride

best cycle gear

For any bike tour, competition or simple weekend ride, there are some absolutely irreplaceable items that should not be missing from the cycle gear that you take with you. Let’s look at some of the latest trends and the best cycle gear for a safer and more enjoyable ride. The aim is for the cyclist … Read more

How To Choose The Best Exercise Bike Computer

best bike computer

Today cycle computers can do way more than just track the velocity, distance and period of time each ride takes. However, there are certain other features that many of these devices now have included, so let’s take a look at what you can get and how to choose the best exercise bike computer. Most exercise … Read more

Exercise Bike Buying Guide – Put Your Mettle To The Pedal!

exercise bike buying guide

If you are looking at buying an exercise bike, this exercise bike buying guide may be just what you have been looking for. Exercise bikes have become very popular in the home fitness market, and exercise bikes do give you a great workout and promote a healthy lifestyle, providing you use the exercise bike of … Read more

Purchasing A Good Recumbent Exercise Bike

recumbent exercise bike

A good recumbent exercise bike can be had for less money than it might appear at first. The important thing is to find a good recumbent exercise bike that will both perform well and last you for years to come. Many of the most popular recumbent bikes are in the middle price range for the … Read more

Fitness And Muscle Building – Will A Recumbent Bike Help?

fitness and muscle building

If you are wondering if a recumbent exercise bike is good for fitness and muscle building, then keep reading. Fitness And Muscle Building Using A Recumbent Bike The recumbent bike puts the user in a slightly reclined position during training. This is great because it puts less pressure on the knees and back than other … Read more

Use Bike Power Meters To Improve Your Performance

A bike power meters ability to compute one’s workload in real time has basically altered the way that cyclists train. By using a bicycle power meter, there is no more guessing about how your fitness levels are increasing. You will have no more wildly overblown first intervals wrecking the remainder of the set. With a … Read more

How To Choose The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

the best recumbent exercise bike

When choosing the best recumbent exercise bike, you should make sure that it does several things well. To get the best recumbent exercise bike, it is best to check out as many bike reviews online as you can. You will be surprised to learn that many mid-level recumbent bikes offer really good value for money. … Read more

Cycling Weight Training: Weight Training For Cycling During Off Season

weight training for cycling

Cycling weight training should be a part of any cyclist’s exercise program. During the offseason, weight training for cycling is doubly important as it is a chance to strengthen those muscles so that when the season starts again the cycling muscles are prepared and strong. Because the lower body bears the brunt of the work … Read more