Great Reasons To Buy A Recumbent Elliptical Exercise Machine

recumbent elliptical exercise machine

Why a recumbent elliptical exercise machine you may ask? Well, there are many reasons and benefits you may find in owning one of these machines. In this day and age, it is not surprising that obesity is becoming a frustrating factor for a lot of us. For those that don’t  like to go to gyms […]

Buying Prescription Glasses Online

buying prescription glasses online

Did you know you can shop for, select and do the buying prescription glasses online from the comfort of your office or home? Whether it is your first pair of correcting lenses or you’ve worn glasses your whole life, there are some benefits to buying your next pair on the internet. You may even be […]

What Is A Recumbent Bike And Do We Still Need Them?

what is a recumbent bike

If you are wondering what is a recumbent bike, this post should explain if for you. Recumbent bikes, although not as popular as they used to be, are still around in a big way, even though they seem to be far more popular nowadays in the gyms than out on the roads. Here is a […]

Why Stationary Recumbent Bikes Are Reliable

stationary recumbent bikes

Many people are embracing the idea of creating a home gym with stationary recumbent bikes. One of the main reasons for this is because of todays modern lifestyles. There is just no time left in the day to go to the gym anymore. It helps to have a stationary recumbent bike at home to work out […]

How To Train In The Off Season

how to train in the off season

Here is some more information on how to train in the off season for cyclists, because what you do in the off-season can mean the difference between losing and winning. If you want to read more about weight training in the off season click here. Only maintaining your fitness just about enough to avoid weight […]

Cycling Weight Training: Weight Training For Cycling During Off Season

weight training for cycling

Cycling weight training should be a part of any cyclist’s exercise program. During the offseason, weight training for cycling is doubly important as it is a chance to strengthen those muscles so that when the season starts again the cycling muscles are prepared and strong. Because the lower body bears the brunt of the work […]

Beginner Triathlon Training Program For Your First Triathlon

beginner triathlon training program

Here is a beginner triathlon training program for you. You will need to implement this ten weeks before your triathlon. Best of luck. Beginner Triathlon Training Program Week 1: Day 1: 15 minute easy run with walking. Day 2: Swim 200m with stops. Day 3: 45-minute spin class or a 1-hour cycle on an indoor […]

Uphill Cycling Technique Tips

uphill cycling technique

No matter how fit or unfit you are, these uphill cycling technique tips will help you to get up those hills with a lot more ease. But by mastering a few strategic riding tactics and mental tricks, you can push past your crew or competition and set the pace uphill. So here are a few […]

Triathlon Training Beginners Will Manage

triathlon training beginners

With the proper triathlon training beginners can thrive and become intermediate and then advanced, it just takes time, patience and determination. Triathlon is the ultimate lifestyle sport because you don’t need to invest too much cash or time into completing a triathlon. Also, the varied modes of exercise mean you will keep strong, fit and healthy […]

A Cheap Recumbent Bike Doesn’t Stay Fixed – Look Out For This

cheap recumbent bike

Pedalling a stationary or cheap recumbent bike takes great strength.  Just imagine if it were a real bike, the force that would have sent it hurtling down the road. Since it can not roll down the road, anything can happen. What can and often does happen is a slow come-apart. Poor design and construction of […]