A Cheap Recumbent Bike Doesn’t Stay Fixed – Look Out For This

cheap recumbent bike

Pedalling a stationary or cheap recumbent bike takes great strength.  Just imagine if it were a real bike, the force that would have sent it hurtling down the road. Since it can not roll down the road, anything can happen. What can and often does happen is a slow come-apart. Poor design and construction of … Read more

How To Be A Triathlete If You Are A Couch Potatoe

how to be a triathlete

How To Be A Triathlete So you want to know how to be a triathlete? Have you considered triathlon training? Triathlon is one of the fastest-growing sports on the planet and huge numbers are waking up to the realisation that swimming, cycling, and running, all at the same time, can actually be considered a fun method … Read more

Mountain Biking Tips Techniques and Rules

mountain bike tips techniques

Although mountain biking is a lot of fun, it can also get tricky at times.  That is why I decided to post these mountain biking tips techniques, and rules that any mountain biker will find useful. Now and then when you are cycling, you will come across various obstacles that you will need to get … Read more

First Time Triathlon Tips For Beginners

first time triathlon tips

So, you are entering your first triathlon! Here are some first-time triathlon tips that may help you. Stamina sports like triathlons are taking the entire world by storm, as more and more marathon runners are upping their training to include cycling and swimming, or vice versa. Ex-marathon runners are becoming iron men now and the … Read more

The History Of Recumbent Bicycles Is Quite A Fascinating Topic

history of recumbent bikes

The History of Recumbent Bicycles The history of recumbent bicycles dates back to the mid 19th century. There were several recumbent bicycle designs around in 1900, but none were very practical. In between the first bicycle designs, recumbent bikes were thought of, but they were not successful enough to be made yet. The Challand designs of … Read more

Recumbent Bikes For Overweight People

Recumbent bikes for overweight people are the ideal exercise machine. As it is, being overweight makes it more difficult to exercise comfortably, and also safely without placing excess weight on the joints. A recumbent bike is both comfortable and safe to exercise on for anybody, and ideal if you are overweight, unfit, elderly or even … Read more

Best Sun Recumbent Bicycles and Sun Recumbent Bicycle Parts

sun recumbent bicycles

At the time of writing this post, Sun Recumbent Bicycles themselves were pretty scarce, so in the meantime have posted some Sun Recumbent Bicycles, parts and some alternatives to the Sun Recumbent Bicycle. Scroll down to the bottom for the latest updates on Sun Recumbent Bicycles and Sun Recumbent Bicycle Parts. Edge Wind Fairing for … Read more