What To Look For In A Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike


Crescendo Recumbent BikeAt the time of writing this post, it was difficult to purchase the Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike as it is often out of stock, but never the less here are some Crescendo fitness products and information for you to look at.

Crescendo Fitness Indoor Bike Trainer with 5 Levels Resistance

    • Ride in any weather on your own bike!
    • Easy to step up, take down and use
    • Smooth Magnetic Resistance
    • Rubber feet won’t mark the floor
    • Bring the outdoor exercises inside on those bad weather days

This is a device that you can attach your bicycle to which enables you to train indoors.

The Crescendo Fitness Indoor Bike Trainer with Magnetic Resistance allows you to get a workout on your bike even when the weather says otherwise.

The Crescendo Fitness Indoor Bike Trainer offers bike training in your home with a quiet and smooth Magnetic Resistance. The sturdy tubular steel construction centers the bike and gives you a steady ride. When you want to take a ride outdoors, you can quickly and easily detach your bicycle from the Crescendo Fitness Indoor Bike Trainer.
You’ll watch your fitness level rise even when the temperature drops and the weather won’t cooperate!
Add some resistance to your exercise by attaching the remote shifter to your handlebars! The shifter allows for multiple levels of magnetic resistance as you ride allowing you to customize your training on the fly! Minor assembly required.

Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike

The fitness magnetic resistance recumbent bike is an excellent purchase, especially if you are looking for something to use at home.

The Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike is small and compact – ideal for small spaces.

Another feature is the onboard computer. This computer will provide full information for a person to determine how effectively they are working out.

However, an individual will learn how to use the information to make sure they are getting the right type of training for the amount of work that they are doing on the crescendo fitness magnetic recumbent bike.

This bike also features something called bi-directional flying. Most of the time when using these machines one can only go in one direction. However, this machine will make the transition easy and smooth to do both, without the clunking experienced with other machines of this nature.

Customer Reviews On The Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike

“We enjoyed this product we still have it and it is worth the money.”

This bike has so much going for it if you want to get technical about mileage, tension, time, etc., but I’m content to ride for a half hour plugged into my music. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase relative to its modest cost. Great for fitness.

“This bike was a gentle way to teach me how to get back on the move again. Now I have a gym membership and work out 3x a week on multiple exercise equipment.”


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