A Bicycling Jacket To Keep You Pedaling

Bicycling Jackets

When you are out on a tough, very long bike ride, the last thing you want to worry about is how your cycling jacket will hold up. A bicycling jacket should do all the following:

  • It must be water resistant;

  • It must be wind resistant;

  • It must keep out the cold;

  • It must be in a bright color so that you are visible to motorists;

  • It must keep you dry and cool at the same time.

So let’s look at the best bicycling jackets that you can purchase online that will serve all the purposes above and add value to your bicycle gear kit.

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Gore Bike Wear Men’s Phantom 2.0 SO Jacket, Neon Yellow/Black, X-Large

The Gore Bike Wear Phantom Jacket is a superb all-around bicycling jacket with all you would are expecting from lightweight, functional outerwear.

From its wind-resistant softshell fabric and slim suit and its ability to change with the weather or the body heat.

For the safety conscious, there are reflectors on front, back and sleeves of this jacket.

When the chillier temperatures start to rise, it is possible to unzip the sleeves to transform the jacket into a short-sleeve biking companion.

Great for most climates from sun to light rain to windy gusts.

You can also get this bicycling jacket in red and black.

This combination cycling jacket can be a short-sleeved jersey as well as a vest designed to move with you as you ride.

GORE WEAR Men’s Phantom Jacket, Terra Grey/Black, M

This black slim fit cycling jacket offers all of the basics for water and wind safety with breathable and waterproof fabric.

This versatile GORE WEAR men’s cycling jacket is one of the company’s most sought-after products and your ideal companion in all weather conditions.

This cycling jacket is highly water-repellent and extremely breathable. Always adaptable to the weather, the sleeves are easily and quickly removable.

In addition, this item of GORE bike wear for men features a modern road bike fit with longer sleeves and an extended back, a 3-section back pocket and a stand-up collar.

Gore Bike Wear Women’s Phantom SO Jacket, Dream Blue/Black, X-Large

Windproof Soft Shell bicycling jacket for all ambitious female cyclists. Lightweight, comfortable and warm.

This versatile jacket converts to a functional jersey to meet your cycling needs. Just remove the raglan sleeves to reveal the additional short sleeves below.

This versatile jacket converts to a functional jersey and vest in one piece to meet all your cycling needs.

GORE WEAR Women’s Windproof Cycling Jacket, C3 Women’s Windstopper Thermo Jacket, Size: XS, Color: Black/Hibiscus Pink, 100328

This imported cycling jacket is machine washable.

It is also warm and soft, windproof, water repellent, and highly breathable.

It has a fleece lining, an elastic hemline with 2 front zip pockets.

Breathability is key on this jersey, keeping you comfortable from start to end.

We are certain that you are going to love the Gore range of bicycling jackets, as they are just so comfortable and serve really well as outdoor wear.

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