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Best Rechargeable LED Head Lamps For Cyclists

LED headlamps for cyclists

For those who enjoy early morning or evening rides before or after work, will definitely need the best rechargeable LED Headlamps for cyclists so that they have some light when the sun hasn’t quite come up yet or has gone down sooner than expected.

If you are looking for a rechargeable LED headlamp for your cycling, you will find some real bargains at Amazon. The shipping is normally free and the service is excellent. If you scroll down you will find some of the best LED headlamps for cyclists that you can purchase online. These are affiliate links, which means that the owner of this site will get a small commission if you decide to purchase a rechargeable LED headlamp.

What Features Should The Best Rechargeable LED Headlamps For Cyclists Have?

best LED Headlamps for cyclistsThe best LED headlamps for cyclists are lightweight and go around the head, so that the hands are left free to hold the handle bars or a dog leash if you need to.

A friend of mine bought a LED Headlamp to use for his fishing expeditions. He said he loved the fact that he can wave his gloved hand in front of the light to turn it on and off when he had activated the motion sensor unit.

He likewise delighted in the bright light shining down on the fish as he was attempting to remove the hook. Definitely, a light that is hands-free is the best in this scenario.

Other uses for a rechargeable LED headlamp can be for morning or evening running, hiking, biking, outdoor camping, night reading, night fishing, mining, load shedding or blackouts and lots  more.

The RED LED lights are wonderful for simple night vision too. It’s a good feature to have when camping, as one can turn on the flashing RED LED so that other campers are aware of you without being blinded by the ultra bright white LED light.

When looking for LED Headlamps, consider the following:

  • Are they hands free?
  • Are they super bright?
  • Motion sensor lights are a great idea, so that you do not need to press the on off button each time.
  • What is the range, in other words how far in front of you does the light illuminate?
  • Is it lightweight and does it stay easily on your head?
  • Is the LED Headlamp zoomable from very bright down to a dimmer light?

Here are some wonderful examples of LED headlamps available online. Simply click on the picture to find out more about the product.

What About A Headlamp For Your Bicycle

For good reason, most countries have a law which requires bicycles operated at night to be equipped with a headlamp in front and a red light or red reflector at the back. You should never ride at night without a headlamp and a bright rear reflector.

Although most bicycles are sold with small “toy” reflectors, these are terribly inadequate for safe night cycling. The car-bicycle collision rate is several times higher at night than during the day, but the vast majority of these crashes involve cyclists operating without the proper nighttime equipment and can be easily prevented.

Proper equipment  and good headlamps make cyclists visible to other road users and can make cycling at night much safer than statistics suggest.

Proper headlamps for your bicycle is important for two reasons:

    • It makes you visible and predictable to other road users.
    • It can help you see well enough to avoid hazards and navigate your way with ease.

So remember to be visible and predictable.

Many cyclists ride in urban environments where they feel that they can see well enough to navigate, so they don’t bother with headlamps. This can be very dangerous, because without a headlamp other drivers often do not see them, even under street lights.

Reflectors can provide good visibility for overtaking traffic, but most dangers of car-bike collisions come from the front or side of the cyclist. The headlamp beams of vehicles on intersecting paths with cyclists often do not shine upon the reflectors of a bicycle until it is too late for the motorist move over and avoid a collision.

Bicycle headlamps should emit a steady white (or nearly white) light because this indicates the direction that the vehicle is traveling. Most vehicles, including aircraft and boats, use colors to indicate their direction of travel. For road vehicles, red lights belong in back, amber lights on the side, and white lights in front.

The reverse-gear lights of a motor vehicle provide an important clue as to what the motorist is about to do. It’s important for cyclists to comply with this convention in order for other road users to predict their actions.

For instance, using a red lamp on the front of a bicycle is likely to cause opposite-direction drivers to underestimate the closing speed between vehicles because they will expect the red-lighted object to be either stationary or moving in the same direction.

A red rear lamp or reflector makes a bicycle visible to overtaking traffic. It’s important to make this reflector or lamp large enough and bright enough to be seen by motorists at enough distance to slow or stop in time when traveling at high speeds.

Color is generally less important on the rear of the vehicle since overtaking motorists will not be any less cautious when viewing another color, but red is the convention and is a universally understood warning indicator. There is a variety of red LED (Light Emitting Diode) tail lamps available for bicycles which are visible at longer distances and a wider angle than most other reflectors.

Although side reflectors aren’t a bad idea, they are rarely of much use on a bicycle because if a vehicle’s headlamps are shining on them, you will either be riding ahead and out of the way before the vehicle arrives or it is already too late for the driver to avoid you.

Beware of Riding into the Sun

One situation which cannot be helped much by night equipment is poor cyclist visibility when riding directly into a sunrise or sunset. Motorists are often blinded to the point that they can barely see more than the outlines of the motor vehicles ahead of them.

Under such conditions, the law requires drivers to slow down to a speed at which they will be able to respond safely, yet in too many cases they continue to drive at full speed. If cyclists ride at this time of day, they are taking their lives in their own hands, and they have to be extra vigilant.

Reflective Clothing

Although LED headlamps for cyclists work well and lights are essential for visibility under all conditions, retro-reflective clothing may help approaching drivers estimate your size and distance more easily and accurately than can just a single lamp or reflector.

Ankle or pedal reflectors move and attract attention. Reflective material on a jacket also helps. Remember that retro-reflective clothing supplements, but never replace good lights and bike-mounted reflectors, as well as rechargeable LED headlamps for cyclists.

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