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Best Titanium Bicycles

best titanium bicycles

Before we go into the best titanium bicycles to get, let us get a bit of a background on the titanium bike.

A Bit About Titaniumbest titanium bicycles

Titanium is the forth most common metal and ninth of the nine elements that account for over 99 percent of the earths crust.

However getting titanium out of the earth and turning it into bike parts takes a huge amount of energy.

Part of titanium’s appeal is the fact that its strength to weight proportion exceeds any other metal. Titanium is also highly resistant to corrosion.

Named after the Titans of Greek mythology, the tensile strength of some common titanium alloys approaches that of high-strength steels and far exceeds that of aluminum, without being at all brittle.

Although it does have a fatigue limit, if the tensions are kept below that amount, titanium will last forever.

Titanium has wonderful anti corrosive properties and even nuclear submarines are made from it so that they won’t corrode under the sea. Even unpainted titanium bicycles and components do not rust which is a huge plus point.

Titanium can be stretched twice as far as steel and four times as much as aluminium before being permanently deformed. This gives titanium frames survive ability in crashes, since they’ll be much more likely than other bike frames to spring back after impact.

The ride of a titanium bike is smooth as the frame design allows for thinner tubes.  Working with titanium is expensive as this metal needs stronger machinery than steel, highly sharpened tools, as well as good lubricants.

Today, there is great competition to build frames that are ever lighter, stiffer, and more aerodynamic,.  This has made carbon composites the most desired material for performance road bikes.  But to some of the grand masters of bike building, and to a select number of revered engineers and designers who have tried all the materials, there is still nothing quite like titanium.

Some Wonderful Titanium Bicycles and Accessories

For cyclists, protective hats as well as water bottle frames are available in titanium, among other accessories. To find out more about these titanium products, simply click on the picture or on the links. These are affiliate links.

Here are some strong and sturdy pedals which are great for mountain biking.

Here is an adjustable saddle with titanium rails.

This is a folding bicycle made out of titanium.

Seatpost Clamps for a mountain bike that won’t rust.

Buying a titanium bicycle online can work out a hell of a lot cheaper, but a few words of caution.  If you buy a bicycle online, always make sure to buy from a reputable firm or dealer. Never hand that amount of money over to somebody you have never heard of,

Also it is a good idea to visit your local store first to try out the bike that you have your eye on.  If it is cheaper online, you can always come back and purchase it once you have tested to see if it is the right fit for you.

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