BerkelBike Recumbent Bikes For Those With Disabilities

Everyone can enjoy the BerkelBike Recumbent Bikes Range.

Cycling is great, and it is a warm-up exercise heart stimulant that can also offer a complete workout. Riding down that slope to a green light on an airy morning is able to raise the spirits of the gloomiest of us. It is unfair to restrict this exercise to only non-disabled users. It is in this spirit that BerkelBike recumbent bikes are designed. The design of the recumbent bike BerkelBike is such that it is actually a hybrid of a hand-cycle and a recumbent bike.BerkelBike Recumbent Bikes

BerkelBike Recumbent Bikes are the Recumbent Bike that could help disabled people regain their independence.

BerkelBike Recumbent Bikes are designed specifically for people with disabilities. Even people who suffer spinal cord injuries can successfully use the BerkelBike Recumbent Bike and ride to better health.

The BerkelBike recumbent bike is unique because it allows the movement of the hands, arms, and legs together. This is indeed a great advantage for those of us who are incapable of any form of exercise with the legs due to some or other disability.

A recumbent usually does not come with a hand-crank configuration and offers only partial exercise to the body. However, recumbent bike BerkelBike has avoided this trap by a handcycle combined with a recumbent bike.  For people with spinal cord injuries, a box of software can be installed on the recumbent bike to control the leg muscles that enable them to actively contribute to propulsion. In this way, both hands and legs work together.

The BerkelBike services provided by the recumbent bike are immense. It effectively increases blood flow to the legs, thus providing the strength and capacity for self-repair to the leg. This recumbent bike is also a great way to increase the muscle mass of the leg that might otherwise be completely wasted due to prolonged disuse. Diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases that are common among people who have not or are unable to exercise can be easily prevented with a daily workout on this bike. Improvement of joint mobility, better digestion and an overall improvement in the quality of life and those of the spirit can be achieved by the regular use of this wonder bike.

As a means for the exercise by the disabled, the BerkelBike Recumbent Bike has no competition and is simply the best way to achieve fitness while still in a wheelchair.

Not only is the recumbent bike BerkelBike great for overall fitness of the body of a disabled person, but it can also do wonders for his self-esteem. This recumbent bike can provide mobility far beyond the usual wheelchair allowing the physically challenged people to maintain a certain level of independence in the conduction of their daily needs.

The BerkelBike recumbent bike also comes with the option of being attached to a wheelchair. The front of this recumbent bike can easily be attached to any wheelchair thereby increasing its usefulness even more.

2 thoughts on “BerkelBike Recumbent Bikes For Those With Disabilities”

  1. Hi, I am a veteran that sustaind a severe back brake, which has put me 60% in my wheelchair at present. I have issues due to my brake and I had lost feeling in my left leg, muscle loss, nerve damage, severe pain. They told me eventually my discs would collapse and leave me paralised and in a wheelchair full time.

    I have had 2 strokes, 2 heart attacks, diagnosed diabetec these have all had an impact and I eventually had my left leg amputated due to infection. I need to carry on and keep fit so I cannot ride my bike anymore and thought a recumbant lay position and mainly peddle power with hand power or electric to get up steep hills. I was hoping you could become a sponsor as I will be starting raising money for charity all over the country so your company will be advertised, so please if you would be able to help me out and advise me on the recumbent bike I need so I can still carry on with some normality and get back on the road to my recovery.

    • Hi, and sorry to hear you have had such a rough time. I applaud you for continuing with your exercising and keeping fit. I think it best to go into a store to pick out a recumbent or any other piece of exercise equipment personally, as ordering online you won’t be able to try it out to see how it feels. When you make an investment like this you need to make sure that 1 you can use the equipment with ease and 2 that you feel comfortable.
      We are not really a company, and this is just a small website that I run from home.


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