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So Many Choices – Pro Cycling Jerseys

pro cycling jerseys

There are many people who are just getting into cycling that like to get pro cycling jerseys that match the ones worn by their favorite pro cyclists in races.

Pro cycling jerseys and even pro cycling clothing are popular and there are some companies that specialize in these products. Many of these pro cycling jerseys are made to be ordered by racing teams so that they all have the same type and color jersey, and other clothing for their races. There are a variety of different colors and styles so that the pro cycling jerseys can be used for races during any time of the year.

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Pro Cycling Jerseys – Styles

The most popular style in a pro cycling jersey is the short-sleeved version. These jerseys are made out of special material that will wick the water away from the individual’s skin while they cycle to keep them at a more constant temperature during the course of the race.

The short-sleeved versions can range in length from a capped sleeve to a full short sleeve, depending on the desire of the rider. There are some of these pro cycling jerseys that will zip all the way down the front of them making them easier to take on and off without pulling it over the head at all.

Then there are others that will only zip down to the navel area, also for fairly easy access taking it on and off. Lastly, there is the style of pro cycling jersey which only zips down to the chest area, allowing enough room to remove the jersey from the head. All of the jerseys have a mock turtleneck neckline so that the body is very aerodynamic for the ride.

Another difference in design in pro cycling jerseys is what sorts of pockets are available in the jersey. There are some that have about three pockets in the back of the jersey to allow snacks to be kept there for energy during the ride. There are others that do not have any pockets at all in them.

Some of the pro cycling jerseys for women may have built-in bras while others will require that the individual wears a bra in addition to the jersey. Some pro cycling jerseys are designed to be worn over the racing bibs that are worn on the bottom, having suspenders that keep the shorts in place.

pro cycling jerseys

Each of these pieces of clothing is designed to stay securely in place during the course of the ride, allowing the rider to stand and sit without the clothing becoming bunched up and uncomfortable.

Pro Cycling Jerseys You Can Purchase Online

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