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Hand Cycles Disabled People Can Use

hand cycles disabled

hand cycles disabledNowadays there are top end hand cycles disabled people can use, and this includes people that have polio, spinal cord injuries and even stroke victims.

A hand cycle is a mixture of a recumbent bike and a tricycle and is powered mainly by the arms, or in some cases a mixture of the legs and the arms.

When you use a hand cycle, cycling becomes part of the handlebars which automatically cause the legs to move in a movement that is similar to that of riding a bicycle.

Hand cycles nowadays can also be equipped with smart devices on the legs of the bike that prevent the foot from sliding on the pedals while pedaling.

Typical bike shops do not carry hand cycles disabled people can use, and even if they do order them, the cost of these bikes is steep in comparison to regular bikes. Most modified bikes or hand cycles disabled people can use run anywhere from $ 1 500 to $ 4 000. The other option is to look for previously owned cycles at a considerably reduced price.

Experienced hand cycling enthusiasts also recommend that newcomers go and try out different models before making the investment. There are a few organizations that assist new riders with the purchase of handcycles using grant-based programs.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation, for example, distributes more than one million dollars annually in grant monies to disabled athletes. Qualifications do not stipulate that beneficiaries are of course seasoned athletes. Potential cyclists might also investigate possible resources within their community or state.

At the moment, hand cycling is a fast growing sport, even at Olympic level.

For disabled people, getting into hand cycling is a great way to get out there and make themselves more independent. It is not easy to get into, but once the skill is mastered, you will not look back.

New Hand Cycles Disabled Persons Can Look At Online

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Excellerator XLThand cycles disabled

  • Lightweight 6061T6 oval tube aluminum frame.
  • Capable of speeds up to 20 mph.
  • Adjustable fore and aft seat position.
  • Multi-position adjustable footrest system.
  • Adjustable tension upholstery.

The new Invacare Top End EXCELERATOR-XLT Handcycle has been engineered for total performance.Available with 7 speeds or 24 speeds,

It is available in 7 speeds or 24 speeds.,

It’s the ultimate choice for the competitive cyclist.

“Great upper body workout and a ton of fun!”

Leg Pedal Exerciser Mini Exercise Bike Cycle Resistance Adjustable

  • Features: Stable, safe and easy to use. It can help people to lose their weight, promote blood circulation or relax the muscles. It is not only a great therapy trainer for the elderly but also a fashionable slimming bike for the youngsters suitable for using at home or in the office.
  • Description: Item type: Rehabilitation Bike Color: As seen from the picture Material: Steel pipe, PU, etc. Training part: Foot, Hand Size: As seen from the picture Weight: App 800g
  • Package Included: 1 X Foot pedal bracket 2 X Base Holder 1 X V-shaped bracket 2 X Wrench 1 X pack Screw.

Junior Special Needs Hand and Foot Powered Cycle

  • Especially effective for those with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Mental Challenges, or Low Muscle Tone.
  • The easy forward and backward motion of the handlebar propels the front wheel.hand cycles disabled
  • Can be combined with the centipede for a tandem ride.
  • For Ages 4 through to 10.
  • Back Wheel 20″, Front Wheel 16″.

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