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Buy A Hardtail Mountain Bike – The Best Of The Best Online

hardtail mountain bike

Building a hardtail mountain bike has become quite a hobby with bike shop owners and avid cyclists worldwide.

The thicker the wheels, in this case, the better, and some even go as far as 27.5-inch wheels.

The hardtail mountain bikes that are being built can do everything. They are light enough for cross-country rides and they also have the right angles and geometry to ride aggressive trails. These bikes are both durable and versatile.

hardtail mountain bikes“Hardtail” is the name given to bikes that feature front suspension, but no rear suspension.

They are lighter, simpler, less expensive, more durable, and more reliable than a frame with rear suspension, the hardtail is the workhorse of the mountain biking world.

Unfortunately, these bikes rarely look beautiful for long, and the riders shouldn’t be scared of damaging the paintwork as these hardtail mountain bikes smash through sand, rocks, and foliage on a regular basis, and of course, this is what these mountain bikes are designed to do.

Hardtail mountain bikes are simple but should give riders immense pleasure.

A hardtail mountain bike is a pure mountain machine. They’ll connect you to the trail and get you around it quickly and efficiently. They’re ideal for cross-country and trail riding.

Let’s look at some hardtails that can be purchased online, should you not be inclined to go to the trouble of building your own.

Simply click on the link to find out how to get the bike of your dreams below.

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Mongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)

  • The aluminum suspension frame maximizes comfort & performance.
  • Element Suspension fork smoothes the bumps and increases your control of the bike.
  • 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters changes gears easily.
  • Alloy wheels with quick-release front.
  • Alloy front & rear disc brakes.

Mongoose permits you to leave it all behind, the work, the commuting, and the hassles! Get out there and throw yourself down some hills on a Mongoose.

The dirt under your nails and the dust in your nose after a day of riding will liberate you from the office cubical.

Since 1974 Mongoose has been the brand for people like you because there is nothing you can’t do on a Mongoose!

Overdrive 29 1 Hardtail Mountain Bike 20″/LG

Lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame with forged dropouts.

SR Suntour XCT fork provides 100mm of supple coil-sprung suspension.

Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes increase your control.

The Shimano 3×8 Acera drivetrain provides ample gearing for the steepest climbs.

29” wheels roll easily over obstacles, providing great traction and a stable ride.

Premium performance doesn’t always require a premium price tag. With the Overdrive 29 1, we’ve taken our lightweight, hand-built aluminum frame and decked it out with a wallet-friendly combination of components that will have you tackling the toughest terrain with total confidence.

29ers are famous for smoothing out rocky bits of trail and for maintaining momentum on those long rides when you’re pushing your limits.

This bike has all that going for it, and it sports an ultra-wide range of gears that click off shifts with the kind of accuracy Shimano is famous for.

Tektro mechanical disc brakes make reigning in the speed easy on this hardtail mountain bike, and the Suntour XCT fork offers up years of silky-smooth coil-sprung suspension.

Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike for Boys, Summit Ridge 20 inch 6-Speed

17-inch frame

A great buy for the price with six speeds.

If you buy it online, you will either need to assemble it yourself or take it to a bike shop.

Diamondback Bike,s Line 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike, LG / 20in Frame

General sizing: XS=5′-5’3″, S=5’3″-5’6″, M=5’6″-5’9″, L=5’9″-6′, XL=6′-6’4″.

Complete bikes will be partially disassembled and sealed in a factory box for shipping.

Bikes arrive approximately 85% assembled and will require an installation of parts and adjustment of components.

If you are not comfortable with bicycle assembly or adjustments, we recommend bringing the bike to a capable bike shop to be built.

This hardtail mountain bike is super light and sturdy on trails.

3 Totally Radical Reasons To Buy A Hardtail

Reason Number 1:

Less maintenance is a major plus. The rear suspension is a complicated business, with pivots that need to be cared for and bearings galore. All you have to do with a hardtail is check the tire pressure and lube the chain, and maybe top up the air in the front shock every now and then.

Reason Number 2:

You become a better rider. You can’t just hammer through obstacles on a hardtail, because you need to choose your lines more carefully. This makes you more aware of the trail, and your skills improve as a result.

Reason Number 3:

Your money goes further. A lightweight hardtail with good components doesn’t cost as much as a small car. If you’re on a budget, you’ll get loads more bike for your buck.

If you buy a hardtail mountain bike online, you will pay a lot less but mostly have to assemble it yourself. Some people have also complained the parts get damaged in transit.

Whether you buy on or offline, you won’t go wrong with a hardtail mountain bike.

27 thoughts on “Buy A Hardtail Mountain Bike – The Best Of The Best Online”

  1. You have given me three great reasons to invest in a hardtail bicycle!  I like the idea of it being less expensive for sure.  I am definitely in need of a new bike.  When I moved I left mine behind, and it is only getting hotter here.  I really do need to get one soon and get out there.  Any particular one good for Florida roads?

    1. Not quite sure how Florida roads look, but if they are rough a good hardtail will do well.  Take a look at hybrid bikes as well as road bikes before you make your final decision. 

  2. Getting the best products in anything one wants to buy is very important because it tends to last longer. 

    Mountain bikes are meant to be strong and durable and without such, they are inferior. Your article portrays a product that is superior and can last long but there is no guarantee.

    1. Luckily there is guarantee’s in place when you buy a new bike, just check for how long this is before you buy.

  3. Thanks for this review on the best hardtail mountain bikes. I must first commend you for taking the time to bring in the best of the best from the market. 

    There are many mountain bike makers these days in which their product is nothing to write home about. 

    I have used some mountain bikes in the past due to how cheap it is. Later I discovered is not about how cheap it is. But the quality of the mountain bike that matters the most. 

    From the look of the mountain bikes in this review, I fell in love with Mongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle and all it has to offer as a mountain bike 

    1. Yes, you are right, you get what you pay for in most cases. I believe to go middle of the range – not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either, especially if buying your first hardtail.

  4. I learnt how to ride a bike when I was less than 12 years. When I went to college, I bought a bike to facilate my movement to lectures and other activities. I became an expert rider but even at that I couldn’t use such bike to ride on mountains and other rough paths in my neighborhood so my yearning for biking adventure increased. I asked local vendors but none of them had what I was actually looking for. 

    Thanks for taking time to analyze different bikes. I’ll check them out. 

  5. My niece was just asking for a bike as her graduation gift. I had told her I would get her a gift if she did well enough during graduation. And she recently told me what she wanted: a bike, in her words “I want to start a healthy lifestyle, starting with cycling. I wanna join my friends on Saturdays,” 

    So, I guess she getting a hardtail mountain bike. 

    I’m just curious though before I start searching for one to buy, which would be appropriate for a 10yr old girl? She and her Dad can get to assemble it, she would love that very much. That wouldn’t be a problem.

  6. I love your review. We’ve bought a couple bikes for the roads. I liked the looks of the mountain bikes when we were in the store. I’ve always loved trails and riding a bike on them seemed like it would be super fun. I didn’t know that rear suspensions were a big hassle. It’s great that there are good mountain bikes without them. I’ll keep that in mind if we ever decide to get mountain bikes.

  7. I agree with you that we shouldn’t stop, if we must not fall, just like bicycles teach us. 

    I am always turned off whenever I think of getting a bike, by the fact that they need alot of attention, constant maintenance and repairs. 

    I watched my male siblings struggle with their bikes on a daily basis. And I was always incorporated as an assistant repair man. It was stressful even just being an assistant, but reading your article, the Mongoose caught my attention. Because, being a mountain bike, it has been built to go through hell and back, so it’d be less prone to break downs. 

  8. Recently I have been thinking of getting bike so as make it easier for me when I’m coming back from work because I just relocated to that area and cars are restricted from my area due to recent security reasons but I do not know much about bikes. I love the features of Bike 20″LG and I think I will be getting it. Thanks for bringing me the best choice .

  9. Nice review of the Hardtail Mountain Bike. I really love riding bicycles, and I think the Hardtail Mountain bicycle would be a good match for me. It is flexible, less expensive, reliable and durable. 

    Even though I have no hills around my town, I will go for the Overdrive 29 1 Hardtail Mountain Bike 20″/LG to do my daily exercise and weekend bike racing challenge with my friends. I am making an order now. Thanks for sharing this article. 

  10. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say I have been longing to have a hardtail mountain bike and become a better rider but this review is an eye opener to get the best hardtail mountain bike. Overdrive 29 1 hardtail mountain bike is the best for me for it’s features are super amazing and it comes with a good design.

    Thanks for this review. Best regards

    1. You will enjoy the bike, but just to make sure it is the right one for you, try go and test ride it first before you make your final decision.

  11. I was thinking of looking into a trail bike riding and came across your website. This is an amazing article on Hardtail bikes! I learned a lot from your explanation. 

    I use an ordinary old style bike right now mostly to try to get in shape riding on the streets in my hometown. I know for sure that it is not suitable for trail riding mostly because it does not have gears. I can see from your writing that my bike needs to be replaced for the type of riding I am considering.

    I was wondering if there is a particular bike you would recommend for a first-time trail rider? Living in South Texas I am not likely to encounter mountains but still, there are many hills on the trails. Since I have not traveled these trails yet I cannot consider how challenging they may be, but it seems a front suspension would be well worth the money.

    I look forward to your advice on picking the right starting bike.


    1. I advise not to spend too much on your first mountain bike to start off with. You can always upgrade once you get more serious about it if you ever need to.

      Next, you will need a bike with gears. A hybrid bike or hardtail mountain bike is ideal for hilly rides and you won’t be too upset if you scratch it. I would ask if you can take the bike for a test ride first to see what feels comfortable on you before deciding on the exact make of bike, as everyone has different preference.

  12. Great post!  I haven’t ridden a bike for a long time. The last time I did was 7 years ago. I would like to get a mountain bike, but I am not sure which one is better for a person that’s starting to ride a bicycle again. What do you suggest? I really appreciate you taking the time to explain everything so simply. Thank you and keep sharing!

    1. Don’t spend a fortune on your bike, and make sure to test drive a few before you buy. I can’t tell you which one will suit you best Mary, but my advice is to keep it simple.

  13. Wow! Great review on Hardtail Mountain Bikes. I love riding bicycles but I haven’t ride on hardtail mountain bicycle before. 

    Seeing around now that Hardtail Mountain Bikes seems to have flooded the market and this is because we bike riders are finding them to be very durable. I never thought of getting a new bicycle now but the 3 Total Radical Reasons To Buy A Hardtail bike actually spiced my willingness to get one. 

    I really like the fact they are affordable and I will love to get Mongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch) with aluminum suspension frame to maximizes comfort & performance. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

  14. Hello Admin 🙂 , this is a good introduction to hard tailed mountain bikes. i just learnt something new myself. i really love riding and would be getting a new bike soon when I have saved enough and I sure would be looking to get something rugged and durable and this does fit the description. i am certain i would not go wrong with any of theses. Thanks

    1. It depends what you are looking for of course, but if its for transport or rough terrain then these are best.

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