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Retro Cycling Jerseys Men Will Enjoy

retro cycling jerseys men

In this post I have sourced some retro cycling jerseys men will enjoy wearing. Cycling enthusiasts are increasingly turning to retro bicycle jerseys and their rise in popularity has been really fast. This is especially true with cyclists that also have a passion for looking great and having a little fun with the way they look while they ride their bicycles.

Some believe this popularity for retro cycling jerseys all started when Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France championship while he and his team were wearing men’s retro cycling jerseys that featured an image of the old U.S. Mail logo from over 30 years ago.

Whether or not this is the true foundation of their popularity, sales of retro cycling jerseys is increasing every day, particularly as access to buying them online gets easier as more and more companies set up shop by putting e-commerce on their websites.

The retro bike jerseys men enjoy come in a wide variety of colors styles and with a myriad of images depicted on them. Images sported on retro bike jerseys these days include novelty images such as Dr Seuss’ Cat in the Hat or the Grinch who Stole Christmas, Betty Boop, Bozo the Clown, Mickey Mouse and even sesame street characters like Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird.

An online company that has some lovely older images on their retro cycling jerseys is the retro image apparel company. The pictures that are used for their selection come from the pictures that are currently in the ‘Horton collection line’ included in these are such well known images as:

  • The1935 World Championship Men’s Jersey, a race of 216km over cobblestone roads in Belgium. The image on this shirt is one that was first made by Henri Grey in 1896 for a cycling ad.
  • Men’s Cataluna, an image for a poster which was created in Spain in 1943 for a cycle race called the Vuelta Catalonia.
  • Green Eggs and Ham, a colorful jersey with pictures of the characters and happenings from the Dr Seuss story of the same name published for the first time in 1960.

A second great source for retro cycling jerseys and novelty bike jerseys is the website and shop at Amazon you will find a great range of items to select from.

I have placed a few examples below, and these are affiliate links, so if you choose to make a purchase I will get a small commission. Amazon stocks a large range of retro  bike jerseys men, women and children will enjoy as well as other bike clothing, cycling shoes and other accessories.

Go ahead and have some fun with how you look when you are cycling. take a look at the large range of retro and novelty cycling jerseys available easily online.

Article by John Black

Retro Cycling Jerseys Men Can Wear

Simply click on the retro cycling jersey that interest you to find out more about it and how you can get your own.

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