Winter Biking Tips for Mountain Cyclists

winter biking tipsIf you are an avid cyclist, there is little chance that you would want to give up your cycling just because the cold has set in. Here are some winter biking tips that you could use.

Winter Biking Tips

Heading out into the trails to mountain bike in the winter can be a lot of fun and very exiting because of the fact that you presently have the concession to ride on snow covered trails. Unlike riding in the summer time, there are far more challenges that you will have to overcome. If you cycle on snow packed trails, you will most definitely become a better mountain biker, as you have a lot less traction and not quite as much stopping potential. Here are a couple of things and winter biking tips to keep in mind when you head outside on a snowy day to ride your favorite mountain trails in winter.

First of all, make sure your tires are top class and in tip top condition. In this way you will have superior traction, and also be able to stop in a hurry if you need to. If the tread on your tires is wearing thin, you will not be able to ride up long hills with ease, and you are far more liable to have a collision.


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Secondly, make sure you wear the correct clothing, and keep some additional clothing in the car. You will probably find that you will wear less clothing  than if you do conventional cycling on the road. You will be moving more slowly on trails, thus creating less wind to cool you down. You will need to wear some layers that you can peel off a layer at a time as you get warmer.

Thirdly, because in winter time, the trails are packed down with snow, there may be some slush in some spots. You will need to become a superb bike handler to avoid slipping. You will also need to ride out of the saddle more often so that you can react quicker when your cycle moves in a way that you don’t want it too.

Trusting that this has given you a couple of extra winter cycling tips to consider next time you do that snowy mountain trail.


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