Setting Realistic Fitness Goals For 2021

realistic fitness goals

Let’s Look At Setting Realistic Fitness Goals In 2021 As a rule, New Year’s resolutions are notoriously prone to failure. Every year, so many of us set goals for ourselves with great intention, only to find them unfulfilled when the end of December rolls around. For whatever reason, the fiery motivation and enthusiasm felt in […]

Cycling And Erectile Dysfunction

cycling and erectile dysfunction

Do cycling and erectile dysfunction go together. Let’s look at these issues and some of the other ones down there to watch out for. So Does Cycling And Erectile Dysfunction Go Hand In Hand? No matter what you may have heard from well-meaning friends and family, cycling does not cause erectile dysfunction.  This was proven in […]

Cycling Saddle Sores & Other Problems Arising Down There

cycling saddle sores

Let’s discuss something that is not very often discussed, especially amongst women cyclists. Cycling saddle sores don’t only affect men, and there are other problems that can arise down there from too much time on the cycling saddle. So, because nobody should suffer in silence when it comes to these issues, let’s look at some […]

How To Cycle Uphill With Ease!

how to cycle uphill

Even if you are blessed with huge quads and powerful lungs, you could still end up struggling on those uphills without having the right pacing in place. How to cycle uphill with grace and ease is all about having the right approach and some good technique tips. First, let’s look at the basic facts.  If […]

How To Make Your Own Sports Drink

how to make your own sports drink

Even though a bought sports drink is convenient, apart from being an extra expense and sometimes running short of stock, it is useful to know how to make your own sports drink at a fraction of the cost. The good news is that there is one that is scientifically proven to work just as well […]

Cycling Training Plan – Get Fit In Six Weeks!

cycling training plan

Let’s look at a cycling training plan because so many people in the world own wonderful bicycles and everyone can pedal it around the block. I just find it amazing that so few people take full advantage of all that your bicycle can offer them. So for those of you who want to make the […]

Cycling During A Pandemic

cycling during a pandemic

Because this corona pandemic has left us all reeling, let’s look at ways we can carry on with our cycling during a pandemic. All these extra worries about staying healthy and the declining economy can get quite overwhelming, and I am sure you, like myself, could use a nice stress-free bike ride about now. Here […]

How To Avoid Knee Pain While Cycling

knee pain while cycling

In this post I am going to look at ways on how to avoid knee pain while cycling, as a lot of cyclists do have knee pain before, during or after the event. This post may contain affiliate links. Most cyclists are under the impression that because cycling isn’t a high impact sport that their […]

Exercises For Cyclists To Improve Performance

exercises for cyclists

Here are some great exercises for cyclists that will boost their game and enhance their performance in the saddle. Cyclists are often guilty of putting resistance training on the back burner in favor of maximum saddle time. The good news is that you don’t need to go to a gym, buy new equipment, or even […]

Do You Need A Home Exercise Schedule?

home exercise schedule

For those who have purchased a new piece of exercise equipment for the family or for yourself, without a home exercise schedule, all your good intentions just won’t work. The biggest problem with home equipment is that it is bought with great intentions and used well for a couple of weeks, but once the novelty […]