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Handicap Bikes – Are Berkel Bikes A Good Fit?

handicap bikes

Handicap Bikes are a great way for people with disabilities to get there exercise and at the same time the freedom they deserve.

In this day and age, the choices are endless, and anybody can get out there and cycle. There is a great range of handicap bikes, hand cycles and Berkel Bikes available both online and off.

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Cycling is an invigorating and healthy exercise form that Berkel Bike has made possible, even for people with disabilities. This wonderful hybrid bike form has now enabled people with disabilities to gain more independance for themselves, and also gives them a great boost to their self esteme.

Not having to rely on others for basic transportation is just one great benefits of the Berkel Bike.

handicap bikes

What Is A Berkel Bike?

A BerkelBike is a cross between a recumbent bike and a handcycle. So in other words, it is a hybrid of the recumbent bike.

The bike is a recumbent tricycle like the one seen here, but there are many different customizations available.

The Berrkel Bike uses propulsion  that comes from both the arm and leg strength of the rider.

The handle bars of the Berkel Bike help to run the bike as well as change direction and is very similar to hand cycle.

While you are using your arms to propel the bike, you will have your legs on the pedals so that your legs move in a way that is the same as using a bicycle. If the cyclist has strength in his legs it will add to the ride and if not the legs are getting a beneficial movement workout, which can aid in circulation.

The Berkel Bike is normally fitted with an inflatable pillow in the back for added support that makes it extremely comfortable in a reclined position.

The Berkel Bik is great as far as hanidcap bikes go, because they are equiped with smart devies that prevent the foot from sliding off of the pedals while cycling.

On a recumbent Berkel Bike the posture is simply more upright as you are sitting on top of the bike.

The Berkel Bike comes in three different models.

Classic Berkel Bike

This particular Berkel Bike can be attached to a wheelchair and is ideal for people with spinal cord injuries. It has a system called Impulis which helps paralyzed leg muscles as it forces the legs to become active again, by stimulating the nerves.

The level of stimulation that comes to the muscles of the leg can be controlled by the rider using a “+” and “-” turn on the software box. This allows greater control by riders and they can determine the level of stimulation they need and are comfortable with. The BerkelBike can also be used as a stationary bike by putting the front wheel in a holder.

The Classic Berkel Bike can also be connected to a computer (desktop or laptop) to give the cyclist access to a number of different virtual reality training software packages.

Berkel Bike Pro

The BerkelBike Pro is slightly different from the classical BerkelBike, as it has a wheelbase that makes it larger, safer and more stable than a conventional tricycle.

This model is suitable for use in sports, and the back and seat of the bicycle can be adjusted quickly and easily.

The Berkel Bike Pro can be connect to an Impuls system and is equipped with eight different gears.

House Berkel Bike

This bicycle can be used with an electric wheelchair and is usually equipped with specially designed handles that are perfect for people with impaired hands. The bike can be equipped with the impulis sytem.

Handicap Bikes are Evolving

In the past there has been several attempts to make an outdoor tricycle for spinal cord injury patients, however, the lack of power in their legs made it really difficult to make handicap bikes. Besides that a tricycle is much harder to maneuver than a wheelchair.

Luckily, Berkel Bike was able to overcome these problems and came up with a recumbent bike that can be driven with ease and safety on the roads within the spinal cord injured patients range. Weak muscles of the leg are controlled by a software window mounted on this tricycle. The arm movements crank the bike and with the help of the software the legs do actively contribute to manouvering the bike.

Berkel Bike can be used with functional electrical stimulation technique. This technique aims at improving the functioning of any person who has some disability with the introduction of low levels of current to control the muscles in the body because the brain can not. Once the motion of pedaling a recumbent bike starts,

FES has begun. Goniometry is a place around the axis of the crank that continuously measures the positioning of the pedals. Based on this information, the quadriceps muscles of the leg, buttocks and hamstrings are stimulated.

Software Ideal For Handicap Bikes

If you are looking for something exciting that you can use from the comfort of your home, then Tacx i-Magic software might do the trick.

This software allows you to connect your computer to the bike computer and this makes your cycling dreams come true.

You can cycle in the virtual worl, compete in the Tour de France, reate your own tracks and even feel how difficult it is to pedal up a steep hill.

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