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Why Exercise Bikes Are Great For Exercise

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Unlike traditional bicycles, exercise bikes are designed for exercise and are great for this purpose.

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The need to get fit, lose weight and stay healthy is emphasized by the media and popular science in the same way. In all developed countries, the incidence of overweight and obesity is increasing dramatically, along with lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Beginning and maintaining an exercise program is an important part of staying healthy. The benefit of riding a stationary bike is that it can help you achieve all of the above in the comfort of your own home.

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Recently, many new types of exercise bikes have emerged on the market, including the recumbent exercise bike (where you sit as in a chair), spinning bikes, and upright bikes.

Cycling offers a great aerobic workout and can help build your endurance if you do it long enough and with the appropriate intensity and frequency.

The action of pedaling a stationary bike is supported by the muscles of the legs. The powerful muscles of the thighs, the quadriceps, and hamstrings, are supported by the smaller muscles of the calves, including the gastrocnemius and soleus. The glutes also provide more power while pedaling, as well as the supporting muscles of the lower back. As a result, using an exercise bike is a great way to get stronger and more definition in all the above muscle groups.

Using an exercise bike can be useful if you have just started your exercise routine and are too overweight or too out of condition to run, or if you have pre-existing joint or muscle problems which will be aggravated by constant exercise. Another advantage of using an exercise bike is that you can make the workout as easy or as difficult as you want, simply by varying the resistance level of the exercise bike.

Did you know that you can also get an exercise bike for the arms? This is a great way to tone those arms up and blast away the flab. If you like the combination on the right, click on the picture to find out how you can get one just like it.

If you suffer from muscle or joint pain, try a recumbent bicycle instead of operating an upright bike.  The slightly reclined position you take when using these bikes reduces pressure on joints, especially the knees. The reclining position means the feet are more closely aligned with the core of a recumbent bike, the blood pressure remains lower, your back is supported and your exercise routine is thus safer.

If you are a cyclist and are training for races, an upright or spinning bike is ideal, as you can mimic the ride you will have when training on your outdoor bicycle.

As with all sports equipment, the price to pay for a bike is will be linked to the characteristics, build, and quality of the bike.

Almost all indoor cycling bikes have some way to measure speed, distance, and cadence (pedal revolutions per minute). You can get an entry-level bike for around $200. Keep in mind that these models use a bike for endurance flying and do not have programmable options for exercise – but that will give you a good workout on a budget. The cheaper bikes are also not as sturdy and may wobble when you hit a certain speed.

Middle-of-the-range bikes typically have more features, including profiles, programmable exercise programs, and heart rate monitors. The bikes of this price range mostly use bike magnetic resistance, which means that resistance is achieved by using a magnet. Unlike models of resistance flywheel, magnetic resistance is quiet.

Magnetic resistance bikes typically retail for between $ 200 and $ 1500. If money is no object, you can go wild on a template that has everything that opens and closes, including additional training programs. You can easily spend more than $ 1500 on a luxury bike.

By exercising regularly using your exercise bike, you will notice your cardiovascular fitness and improve your legs and buttocks begin to firm. Exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases, it helps you live longer and healthier lives.

So if you have an exercise bike, don’t let it stand around collecting dust. Make sure you put it to good use.

4 thoughts on “Why Exercise Bikes Are Great For Exercise”

  1. I love the idea of cycling, but when I last tried it oh did my bum suffer.

    This would definitely be the ideal alternative, as I would not suffer all the bumps in the road!

    I don’t think that there would be any point in buying a cheap one if it is not going to be steady at high speeds.  So it would have to be a middle-range one at least.  There is a vast range of prices, so there will certainly be one to suit everyone’s picket.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. If it is the comfort you are looking for, then a recumbent exercise bike will be ideal for you, as the seat is flat, unlike the upright bicycle seats which tend to chaff.

  2. Very timely information and I appreciate you sharing about the recumbent bikes and how they can help.

    My husband, being stout, is also asking for one since he cannot jog anymore to his favorite park due to lockdown restrictions.

    I find them suited for my PWD condition who only do stretching, walking, and jogging exercises at home. Sometimes, I get bored with my routine exercise.

    I cannot ride a road bicycle, I did not practice what I learn when I am a teenager so I cannot balance myself now with a road bicycle. You just shared a wonderful option to use! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment Rose, and yes that is why I love a recumbent bike, as it is so versatile for any age and any condition. The bonus is that the seat is also a lot more comfortable to sit on than a regular upright bike.

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