Triathlon Training Beginners Will Manage

triathlon training beginners

With the proper triathlon training beginners can thrive and become intermediate and then advanced, it just takes time, patience and determination. Triathlon is the ultimate lifestyle sport because you don’t need to invest too much cash or time into completing a triathlon. Also, the varied modes of exercise mean you will keep strong, fit and healthy … Read more

First Time Triathlon Tips For Beginners

first time triathlon tips

So, you are entering your first triathlon! Here are some first-time triathlon tips that may help you. Stamina sports like triathlons are taking the entire world by storm, as more and more marathon runners are upping their training to include cycling and swimming, or vice versa. Ex-marathon runners are becoming iron men now and the … Read more

Recumbent Bikes For Overweight People

Recumbent bikes for overweight people are the ideal exercise machine. As it is, being overweight makes it more difficult to exercise comfortably, and also safely without placing excess weight on the joints. A recumbent bike is both comfortable and safe to exercise on for anybody, and ideal if you are overweight, unfit, elderly or even … Read more

Indoor Cycling Music Ideas

indoor cycling music

If you cycle indoors, then it is a great idea to have some music playing that you can cycle to. Here are some indoor cycling music ideas for you. When you go to an indoor cycling class, regularly referred to as a spinning class, there is usually music playing in the background, which helps you … Read more

The Benefits of Riding a Stationary Bike

the benefits of indoor cycling

Most people that exercise on stationary recumbent exercise bikes, feel the benefits of Riding a Stationary Bike. Not only do they feel healthier, but they look great too. Riding a stationary bike is great for your glutes, quads and heart health, and anybody can do it regardless of fitness level. The hardest part of riding … Read more

Indoor Cycling Trainer Workouts: Here’s Why You’re Not Getting Results

Riding a bike inside is one of the safest ways to get some exercise. Here are some indoor cycling trainer workouts, which may help you to see why you are not getting the results that you want. In fact , there is no special secret to this and almost everyone can peddle a bike. So why … Read more