Proform Recumbent Bike Review

proform recumbent bike

The ProForm Recumbent Bike has various models and some are along the bottom end of the price scale from about $300. If you scroll below there are a few Proform Recumbent Bike Review types for you to see. The ProForm Recumbent is pretty straight forward but offers many advantages for people who are looking for […]

Schwinn 231 Recumbent Bike And Others – Finding The Best Price

schwinn 231 recumbent bike

Looking for Schwinn 231 recumbent bike best price? I do not blame you. A lot of people are. They are not so easy to find new anymore because later models have taken over with better features. With the Schwinn 231 exercise bike, good health should not be expensive at all! After all, not everyone can […]

Recumbent Exercise Bike – “The Miracle Machine”, which may Slim You Down”

recumbent exercise bike

Is the humble Recumbent Exercise Bike the miracle machine that you have been looking for? Not surprisingly, obesity has always been a frustrating factor for a lot of us. But when it comes to exercise, most of us feel very lazy to even think about it. The older we get the harder it becomes. Most […]

How To Choose The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

the best recumbent exercise bike

When choosing the best recumbent exercise bike, you should make sure that it does several things well. To get the best recumbent exercise bike, it is best to check out as many bike reviews online as you can. You will be surprised to learn that many mid-level recumbent bikes offer really good value for money. […]

What Is A Recumbent Bike And Do We Still Need Them?

what is a recumbent bike

If you are wondering what is a recumbent bike, this post should explain if for you. Recumbent bikes, although not as popular as they used to be, are still around in a big way, even though they seem to be far more popular nowadays in the gyms than out on the roads. Here is a […]

Why Stationary Recumbent Bikes Are Reliable

stationary recumbent bikes

Many people are embracing the idea of creating a home gym with stationary recumbent bikes. One of the main reasons for this is because of todays modern lifestyles. There is just no time left in the day to go to the gym anymore. It helps to have a stationary recumbent bike at home to work out […]

A Cheap Recumbent Bike Doesn’t Stay Fixed – Look Out For This

cheap recumbent bike

Pedalling a stationary or cheap recumbent bike takes great strength.  Just imagine if it were a real bike, the force that would have sent it hurtling down the road. Since it can not roll down the road, anything can happen. What can and often does happen is a slow come-apart. Poor design and construction of […]

The History Of Recumbent Bicycles Is Quite A Fascinating Topic

history of recumbent bikes

The History of Recumbent Bicycles The history of recumbent bicycles dates back to the mid 19th century. There were several recumbent bicycle designs around in 1900, but none were very practical. In between the first bicycle designs, recumbent bikes were thought of, but they were not successful enough to be made yet. The Challand designs of […]